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Where Are All the Shared Experiences?!

I always say that it’s the little things that bond us. After I spend time with my parents or sister (who live far away) the next couple days is a flurry of texts as we’ update each other on what we’re doing and how things are going. Then as other “non pertinent” events crowd in we slowly stop sharing and then it’s back to occasional phone calls.

I know it’s important that my family is involved in those small details of life as well. This is where family dinners, car rides and even sporting events come in. It would be FAR easier to leave my younger kids at home while I do a big kid sporting event and vise versa. But we need to be involved in the details of life. This is where connection and conversation happen.

Covid and this movement to separate ourselves as individuals have driven a rift in the family and thus society. We need more shared experiences!

One simple way to do this is family movies or streaming shows. It’s so rare now to find a show that everyone in our age range can watch though! I know it’s fun to only think of what I want to watch but let’s bring in the family entertainment and create a simple shared experience for the whole unit.

I look around at movie theaters and wonder where are the family movies? Even the ones that are “kid friendly” often don’t have the values that reflect what my family believes because some studio is pushing their agenda too hard. And I’m not a skirts only no caffeine family! For a while I thought I was pretty normal. Now I seem to be the weird one that want to protect their children and keep families together.

I loved the Mario movie, it was entertaining, there were twists and some truly enjoyable characters. But I’m still hearing people talk about being too good to go see it because they didn’t agree with the accent of the actor. Christ Pratt did FINE. The acting was just FINE. You want to talk down to me because I’m not high brow enough to know a good Italian Brooklyn accent? How about we just go support a family movie because a studio finally came out with one that had a plot?

Not just theaters, but TV as well. There is better selection there but it too is few and far between. Where is the Cosby Show (yes i know problems behind the scenes but still a good show for families), Family Matters, Full House, Home Improvement and MacGuyver?

Rant over. I’m just busy and want the easy shared experience of a family show to watch. For now it’s Dude Perfect and Shiloh and Bros. Which I’m thankful for, but boy it would be nice if we could have some base valued shows come out on the major platforms.


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