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But It Does Matter!

Dot Conner is by all accounts a normal middle school age girl with loving parents, loyal friends, and a budding faith in Jesus Christ. But she’s also the world’s first “webtective.” As she learns what it means to live as a Christian in a broken world, Dot discovers questions and concerns about her faith that at first seem troubling. But the idea of a mystery involving the Bible is exactly the sort of thing Dot gets out of bed in the morning for. Donning an iconic grey fedora, Dot combines classic detective techniques with modern technology to answer even the most difficult doctrinal questions.

In an age where kids are exposed to an over whelming amount of information and entertainment, faith-based content provides a space for them to grow and be encouraged in their values that most likely are contradictory and even deemed strange by their peers. These shows not only encourage them that they are not alone, but also re-enforce ideas of friendship and empathy in a relatable and fun (or at least as far as the content we create is concerned).

We use engaging stories whether they are delightful adventures, heartwarming tales or engaging narratives that will capture their hearts and imagination. They should see positive role models that encourage them to exemplify the values and teachings of our faith.

And we always strive for a high quality production. From snappy storytelling and to-notch animation we create shows with high production values that keep our kids entertained and the adults from rolling their eyes.

The best part? Accessing faith-based kids friendly shows in incredibly easy! Some can be found on Tubi but shows like Dot Conner: Webtective can be found on Youtube, Minnow, Yippee TV and others. Never miss out on an exciting adventure, valuable lesson or behind the scenes information because you can’t afford a subscription fee.

With endless entertainment options all around, we're excited to launch a faith based kids show. It not only promises to entertain but also educate and inspire those we care the most about with strong Bible based values and themes they can stand on and not be knocked to and fro by the waves and winds of current culture.

Watch the first episode on YouTube:


Huff Media Productions is on a mission to tell exciting stories with eternal truths to a worldwide audience in both traditional and emerging formats. HMP provides a wide range of video production support to fit your company's needs. Start a conversation with us today by reaching out to Executive Producer Jae Huff:


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